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Beausale City Cycling Club

About Us

 So, a quick introduction to the team:


Joe Large (CEO) - Joe is an avid fan of face fluff, and had a real ginger tinted beard. Joe is the reason we are doing this daft challenge, and is the instigator of most of the daft suggestions that float around the Warwickshire countryside. Joe has boundless energy supplies, and has be compared to Lance Armstrong.


Adam Green (Fitness Coach) - A slightly ironic job title, given that Adam has the athletic prowess of a snail crawling over razor blades. Adam is keen & enthusiastic, and what he lacks in fitness, he makes up for in sheer pig-ignorance. Adam has been fairly prepared for the training rides so far, and excelled himself in the first week of training, notching up all of 55km in a week. Impressive eh?


Peter Bennet (Comedian) - Pete brings the comedy factor to the team. Usually people are laughing at him, rather than with him. Known for his dysfunctional physique, Pete will probably spend more time on the floor than on the bike. He has already managed to start on a 100% bailing record, having his first crash in front of a queue of traffic outside Kenilworth Castle on the first training ride. To be fair to the boy, he has laid his body on the line, and is the first to bleed for this worthy cause. He will undoubtly shed blood again.


Tom Maffia (Southern Fairy) - Tom is our resident TOWIE star. Bringing his experience of the Essex highway system to the team, he will undoubtly become invaluable in the Scottish Highlands. Tom is potentially the fittest one of the group, and regularly cycles to work. Some may see this as training, but internally, it is viewed as cheating, and he will have to reign it back if he wants to complete the challenge in an appropriate manner (stiff legged and knackered).